Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

There are 3 steps to qualifying for safe, legal access to medical marijuana:

1.) Medical Records Release Form

Download a medical records release form from our website, fill it out, and send it to your doctor’s medical records department. This process usually takes about a week, but sometimes can take up to 30 days. For more information, visit our Download a Release Form page.

2.) Appointment With Our Doctor

On appointment day, you’ll visit our clinic for an exam and meeting with our compassionate doctor. All patients must provide picture identification at their appointment. You can use a drivers license from any state in America.

3.) Process Your Paperwork

After your appointment, if our doctor decides that medical marijuana is an appropriate choice for you based on the law, you’ll meet with a medical assistant for your “exit interview”. This is when you’ll get detailed instruction on what to do next to get safe, legal access to medical marijuana and all the OMMP forms you need to turn in — already filled out.

Records, appointment, paperwork. Just 3 steps to enjoying safe, legal access to medical marijuana. Do you qualify? Call 503-384-WEED (9333) today and find out.