My Mother’s Cancer Story (MMCS)

Linda Simenson, Our Inspiration

Linda Simenson as a child

Linda Simenson as a child




MMCS Clinic’s mission to help qualified patients get safe, legal access to medical marijuana is a personal one: Linda Simenson’s story.

Before she died of brain cancer at the age of 57, Linda enjoyed a wide variety of interests. She was a self-taught master chef who sold who sold recipes to restaurants. She was an ordained minister who officiated weddings, and a beloved bible teacher. She learned both ASL and IS sign languages — just because — and was so good at it that she was often asked to translate at conferences. A devotee of the Wellness Arts, Linda worked as a massage therapist on the bodies and souls of her devoted clients.

Linda’s cancer was aggressive, and it wasn’t long after her diagnosis and the start of her treatment that the sickness took it’s toll. Her bright smile disappeared. She stopped eating. She didn’t want to see her family or friends or talk to anyone at all. Linda had surrendered to the pain.

In the hope of seeing the return of her will to live, Linda’s family arranged for her to qualify for the safe, legal access to medical marijuana. Linda had her first dose — a “joint” — surrounded by her family. Soon she was sitting up, instead of laying curled up on her side facing the wall. She was laughing and smiling. She wanted a pizza.

Because medical marijuana was available to her, Linda was able to cope with the pain and side effects from cancer and chemo without losing her bright, healing spirit until she passed, just seven months after she was diagnosed.

Inspired by her mother’s dramatic improvement after using medicinal marijuana, Linda’s daughter Dana Weihman opened MMCS Clinic with the goal of helping patients whose suffering can be alleviated medical marijuana get safe, legal access to it. If you or someone you know has a medical condition that could improve with the use of marijuana, please call 503-384-WEED (9333) to find out.